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Of Colleges and Cohorts (Part 7, final)

All quotations are taken from the ‘Whole Movement of Life is Learning’ by Krishnamurti.

18th March

“So the first thing to realize is that thought can never bring about order, do what it will, through legislation, administration or compulsion.”

On the drive to Bennington I listen to public service radio and there is an item about the number of young adults having to remain in their parents homes because of the credit crunch and the lack of employment. In the last year a further 30 million people have been added to the population of the US, but the number of house sales is the same as the previous year. The generational differences are also considered not to be as great as they once were and, so the argument goes, it has become easier for young adults to remain in the family home and have the kind of freedoms which would not have been possible some years ago.

Arrive at Bennington College and miss the turning for the Admissions Office. I only know one person here, former Brockwood student Joel, who is a freshman. I am due to meet him this evening but have an appointment with the Admissions Officer prior to that. After driving around for some time in search of the right turning, I pull over and begin to rummage for the campus map. I look up; I’m being watched by a young man at a distance. He approaches, it is Joel, but neither of us can quite believe our eyes.

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About the Food Festival

The food festival is an event that happens once during the year if students decide to take the responsibility to organize it. The idea of the food festival is to have groups of people cooking a dish (or two) from their country, to get to discover the food of other countries, and to have the whole school cooking at the same time!

At first, Luke came up to me thinking of organizing the event. After the agreement of the co-principals, we made a list of the countries where people come from in the school. We put the list on the notice board and everyone signed up for a country (not necessarily their own). In total, there were 18 countries – we gathered in one group some countries having common dishes.

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