Visit to the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

“Learning is movement from moment to moment.” J. Krishnamurti

Pre-AS and A2 level students headed into London on the train this weekend to visit the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. After a quick stop at the National Gallery and lunch in Covent Garden, we took the bus across town to the School’s building and studios. We were first indulged in a presentation introducing us to various form, pattern and colour inherent in the natural world and manifested through geometric designs in traditional arts. We were given a tour of two studios where we observed students engaged in the practical skills of the traditional arts. “The School holds that the practice of traditional arts is a contemplative process based upon universal spiritual truths. Art is seen as an integral part of everyday life and not a luxury; neither is it a subjective psychological experiment, nor a whimsical exercise in nostaligia.” Seeing the intricate paintings, designs, pottery, and research of other students enlightened us as well as raised an awareness of traditional designs, the relevance of traditional arts and the work of crafts people.

Visit to Prince's School of Traditional Arts

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