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In this blog, I am going to attempt to give you a flavor of what does it mean to be a trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT). First, a disclaimer – the views expressed here are solely mine and I am not writing on behalf of the other trustees.

I am not going to attempt to be exhaustive in this first blog, as it represents an experiment. If those of you who read this have comments and questions, I would be happy to engage in an ongoing dialogue about the trusteeship and thereby discuss with you all some of the long-term strategic imperatives being pursued by KFT.

I am one of 10 KFT trustees. The others are Mary Cadogan, Gisele Balleys, Nick Short, David Skitt, Derek Hoek, Gary Primrose, Philip Henebry, and Jonas Skioldebrand. Some of you probably know a subset of the trustees quite well. Mary has been with KFT for 50+ years (not it is not a typo…fifty!) and brings a wealth of historical perspective and gracious leadership. Nick, Gisele, Jonas, and Gary were former staff members for varying periods of time. Derek and David have had long-standing relationships with Brockwood and KFT and Philip has been interested in K’s teachings for quite sometime now.  At present, I am the only former K school student among the trustees. Trustees have come and gone while a core group, comprising of Mary, David, and Derek have been providing stable stewardship for decades.

In the past, there were several legal entities at Brockwood, one for the Foundation, another for the school and so on. In the early nineties, the four main areas of Brockwood – the Main school, the small school or Inwoods, the Foundation, and the Study Centre were brought under one legal umbrella, the KFT. The KFT trustees have one primary responsibility as defined in the KFT constitution (on file at the UK charity commission), which is to preserve K’s teachings and make them available to the whole world. (btw, a lot of information about KFT including our financials is available publicly via the charity commission website
(, as required by law. I encourage you to visit this website to learn more – information there might spur other questions.)

Each of the four areas of KFT bring its own unique approach towards the aforementioned objective: the schools by exposing children, teenagers, and young adults to the teachings in a community setting; the Foundation by preserving, digitizing, and disseminating the prodigious amount of content from K talks, dialogues, and discussions spanning nearly 60 years; and the Study Centre by offering a serene, quiet environment, where visitors can study K’s teachings on their own or in groups.

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You could ask me some questions. So, now the ball is in your court. What do you want to know?

Rajesh Ranganathan, Trustee for KFT

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