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Report on Calcutta Academy

This winter two students accompanied Clive Gray (Residential Staff), on a school trip to India. They spent three weeks, with former staff Ashna Sen and Brian Edwards at their home in Calcutta exploring culture and academics in this inspiring city.


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My first week in UK

I have reached London to a temperate balmy climate, and unexpectedly warm . My brother did warn me, but I wanted to make a statement of sorts by alighting from the plane in two sweaters, and a muffler if need be. This was entirely unnecessary. As my plane was landing, London, it seemed the whole of England, unfurled itself out quite majestically, all glossy and sunlit. London swelled and spread out endlessly in a map-work of bustling orderliness. Houses expanded, trees mushroomed out and swayed breezily, cars zoomed past and people bustled around en-capturing London’s lively energy and spirit in one brief glorious moment . The Thames itself expanded from being greeny and veinlike to becoming more sinewy and serpentine, curving gently around the city. Even in such warm weather, it was quite grey and still, almost sullen and withdrawn with only points of sunlight glinting off its steely surface.

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About the reunion…

Here we are; the 40th anniversary of Brockwood! An amazing organisation, interesting and quite original workshops… and a big wave of emotions! Friends, families, but also unknown faces… many people (450 at the peak) to talk to, to discover, to spend four days with in a very Brockwoodian atmosphere, learning, laughing, remembering…

Here are some interviews about feedback from some people present at the reunion:

Maya, Organizer:

“It felt quite overwhelmed with all the happiness of being together with so many friends… it created a special atmosphere..

I also felt a strong team feeling; it was a good experience for the staff who were in charge of the reunion and I think it went very well. It was very touching to see that people appreciated a lot all what was happening.

Also the auction was crazy; it was quite stressful when I felt it was getting a bit chaotic but Kevin and I had lots of fun. I have a lot of respect for the professional auctioneers now.

The reunion was quite emotional, especially for people who were coming back after maybe 20 years. I saw Brockwood with fresh eyes. It was great, there was so much going on!”

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