Dear Alumni

Dear Alumni

We are in the midst of a big thaw following the heaviest snow falls the UK has seen in a very long time. Brockwood was more or less completely cut off from the rest of the world, but then generations of students have complained about this even without the snow; no doubt you will recall! I hope the festive season has gone well for you and that the New Year offers some promise of continuing in the same manner.

If you have had a chance to read the Autumn/Winter issue of The Observer, you may have seen that I have plans to visit the U.S. in March. I am doing this in order to meet with alumni and to visit US colleges and universities. While still not finalized, my itinerary looks as though it will and take me to California in the first week of March; to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the second; and to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont in the third.

If you are in one of these areas and would like to get together please let me know. As was apparent at last year’s reunion, there is a natural interest welling up from those who attended Brockwood to connect and network with each other. We thought this trip would be a good opportunity to gauge and support this interest in the U.S. Ideally it would be good to get a group of alumni together over coffee or a meal and any ideas for locations, people and times, would be welcome?

Another way we have enabled alumni to connect with each other is through our new Alumni Directory. If you haven’t already done so, do take a few minutes to register with the Directory on the School website. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and how quickly it provides you with an overview of alumni from around the world. You can use this information to catch up with old friends, make contact with alumni in your area that you are unaware of, or simply network on issues that interest you. Let us know if you have any thoughts on the Directory, or indeed the new school website.

My reason for visiting U.S. colleges and universities is to create links which might assist Brockwood students in studying in the U.S. It would be very helpful to have some idea of the colleges / universities attended by Brockwood alumni and to be able to share this information with those I finally visit.  If you attended a U.S. college / university after leaving Brockwood and are happy to have your information shared in this way, please respond to the following questions – you can email responses to me at

  1. Name:
  2. Nationality:
  3. Years at Brockwood:
  4. US Colleges / Universities attended:
  5. Years attended:
  6. Qualification/s gained:
  7. Current employment:
  8. Current location of residence:

Many thanks for your help with this and I hope we shall have further contact during 2010.

Best wishes

Bill Taylor

Brockwood Park School

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