‘African Sunset’ from English Language Class

African sunset in a poetic/ naturalistic form

As I sit, my senses are alive.

The rock I rest on, so warm from the days sun.

My eyes fixed on the spell of bright colours filling the evening sky.

Oranges, pinks, yellows and reds all leaking into each other like a pallet of watercolours.

The gentle breeze sweeps the sand along the beach and sways the palm trees leaves, back and forth. Tropical insects begin to scatter around high and low, rattling, screeching and tapping.

The fresh smell of salt water drifts under my nose.

The blinding ball of fire sits perfectly in the horizon, where the sea and sky meet. Until I take a deep breath and it sinks, so fast, leaving the clouds alone, but still injecting them with life and colour. Suddenly everything becomes so calm, the moon gets brighter and the stars begin to emerge, it is dark but my senses are still alive.

African sunset in a journalistic/ factual/  form

The longer days are certainly becoming clearer, we are here today on the African coastline, midsummer at 10pm. The sun is beginning to set West of the horizon at an 180 degree angle to the coastline. There has been a significant change in humidity compared with last week, this is due to the change in pressure and heat. The temperature is currently 26 degrees. Visibility has improved a lot, as you can see the days for has lifted. There is a weak on shore wind approaching from the South West at around 12mph. Later into the night it is predicted to be rather moderate and calm for a sunny, warm, clear day tomorrow.

Warm weather is expected through the duration of next week, with high visibility, low pressure and humidity.

Thank you and Goodnight from all of us here.

Jessica Glaister, Student from UK

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