On Climate Change

Toward the end of this term we chose to dedicate our weekly inquiry period to having a debate with the whole school about climate change.  This was offered as a way of gaining some understanding of the challenges facing world leaders when they gather in Copenhagen later this month for the global summit on reducing global warming.   We organized ourselves into different countries and then communicated our respective Nation’s requests and needs regarding a global agreement on reducing carbon emissions.  Just as in the wider world we came to see that there are a range of conflicting positions in the world.  Our sense is that it will not be an easy process to find an agreement that is fair and sustainable for our people and our planet.

It seemed important for us not just to talk about climate change but also take some positive action too.  In this regard we have now signed up to 10:10, that national campaign to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% in the next year, 2010.  We are also collecting donations from staff and students for a project to buy fuel-efficient small stoves for countries in Central America.  These stoves both help to reduce smoke related disorders in the populace and also reduce fuel consumption and thus carbon emissions.

Rupert Marques, Staff from UK

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