Educating the Educator

Is it possible to release a different kind of energy?

The world of education has been slow to respond to the enormous implications of the quantum paradigm, not to mention the teachings of J. Krishnamurti.  Is there a way of looking at living and learning that goes beyond the “classical” approach, with its measure, comparison and standardisation?  Can we together come upon that intelligence which is more immediate than thought and explosive in its nature?

A five-day course for teachers and educators facilitated by Colin Foster, PhD, and Stephen Smith, BA, PGCE.

Aim: To introduce participants to the meaning and basis of a new education.


  • To provide sufficient exposure through tapes & text for meaningful dialogue to take place
  • To explore the dimension of self-inquiry and its relevance to the role of the teacher in the classroom
  • To examine, subject-specifically at times, the place of knowledge in the course of learning.

Monday, 26 October:

Arrivals Day.  Tea 4:30 p.m.  5-7 p.m. Introduction to the Week

Colin & Steve speak about the aim & objectives, followed by a relevant video.  Supper.

Tuesday, 27 October:

a.m. Video (Questioning Authority) & Dialogue around this topic

p.m. The Role of the Teacher as Inquirer  in the Classroom—actual & potential (a dialogue/ discussion).

Wednesday, 28 October:

a.m. Text (“the end of man as a means of knowledge. . .”).  Dialogue around this topic.

p.m.  Quantum Theory and how it changes our world: a talk by Colin followed by Q&A.

Thursday, 29 October:

a.m.  Dialogue: What do we as educators mean by change?

Video: Krishnamurti in Dialogue on Change.

p.m.  The Rise of the Image and the End of the Word: a talk by Steve followed by Q&A.

Friday, 30 October

A Taste of Brockwood Park School: Morning Meeting, Breakfast, Morning Job, followed by participation in activities (until 11:00).

11:30:  Feedback & Dialogue at the Centre.

p.m.  Rethinking the Sciences and the Arts: is there a Quantum Approach to Learning?

(Discussion in two groups, followed by a whole-group session).

Saturday, 31 October:

a.m.   Final Video, Dialogue or Text.

Break-out Session, Summing Up.

p.m.  Guests depart.

Location: The Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park, Hampshire SO24 0LQ

Cost, including programme and full room & board: 350 pounds per person.


Colin did physics research before becoming a teacher at Brockwood in 1984 and, later, Academic Director at the school for nine years in the 1990s.  Apart from Krishnamurti, he has had a long-standing interest in David Bohm’s work, particularly his insights into the implications of Quantum Theory for a new holistic paradigm.

Steve was introduced to Krishnamurti by a friend and became a teacher at Brockwood in 1975 where, successively, he held the positions of Head of Modern Languages, Head of English and Director of Studies.  Since 2005 he has been actively engaged in the preparation and delivery of Teacher Education programs in the Krishnamurti schools in India and California.

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