Dear Friends

By now the Reunion is five days past and you have probably traveled the few, or many, miles from Brockwood to your respective homes. The excitement and intensity of the event is no doubt fading and you are perhaps already beginning to wonder what it was all about, and what it means to you now? With the help of many volunteers, we have completed the clean-up, the marquee has been removed – the yellowed grass beneath acts as the only reminder of its magnitude and the people that passed through it – and we are now in the midst of preparing the school for the new academic year.

We feel the Reunion was a marvellous event. It was great to have had so many of you back at Brockwood again, lovely to have had the chance to see you all once more and find out where life has taken you, and fun to have been able to celebrate together our friendship and all that Brockwood has meant through the passage of time. Thank you for making the effort to come to the Reunion, for supporting the event and Brockwood itself.

If you would like to write and let us know what you thought about the Reunion and what you felt was good and what could be improved on, we would be very appreciative of your help. We are gathering feedback so that we can make the next reunion equally memorable and perhaps even more polished. Write to us via:

On behalf of all of the students and staff, I would also like to thank those of you who were able to make a contribution to the Brockwood Bursary Fund. The donations gathered during the Reunion came to around £9,500 and with additional proceeds of the auction, the amount rises to £11,500. Furthermore, as you will recall, Krishnamurti Link (the charity established by Friedrich Grohe) offered to match any money raised for bursaries during the Reunion, and have since decided to extend this offer till Tuesday 1st September. If you would like to take advantage of this and make a late matching donation to the Bursary Fund – remember the ‘Obama Effect’ – please go to and follow the link. This year at Brockwood, almost half of our students will be benefitting from bursary assistance via this fund.

We have also begun to give some thought as to how we might remain in touch with you while also facilitating your contact with each other? Several alumni have spoken about business networking opportunities that exist if only a little more information about each other was available. There are also plenty of other good reasons why it might be helpful for you to know about former students who live in your city, or country, who share your interests, or have an occupation that may be of interest to you. To this end, we have decided to start making changes to the reunion website, to make it a fully-fledged alumni site.

The site will include a password protected list of alumni – all of whom have agreed to be included – providing details such as name, city, occupation, interests and email address. We will be writing to you shortly to seek your permission to include you on this list and to get you to verify your details. Only Brockwood alumni will be given access to this list. If you have suggestions about any aspect of this project, the design or content of the alumni website, then please write to us at

Reunion2009 has provided us all with an opportunity to reconnect, make new friends, and look afresh at what Brockwood means for us today. We hope that your time living here as a student or staff, all that has occurred for you since, and your recent visit, means that you share in our determination to keep this beautiful place alive and flourishing. Let’s not wait five more years before we talk!

Warm regards,


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