A hike into the wilderness surrounding Brockwood

On Friday approximately 25 Brockwoodians ventured out of the safety of
the B.P. grounds and into the wilderness of Hampshire with the
intention of gaining knowledge of the manyfold edible and medicinal
plants that grow there without any help from our own species. Their
guide, having just returned from studying with the medicine men and
women of West Cork, was eager to share his newly consolidated
knowledge, due to the great benefits that it confers to its holders –
aside from the health benefits, a far deeper communion with the
energies of nature is made possible when one enters into the state of
observation required for locating wild food and herb plants. The
following common plants were encountered and their useful uses
discussed: yew, nettles, docks, plantain, burdock, dandelion, herb
robert, hedge garlic, beech, sweet chestnut, hawthorn, marjoram, mint,
brambles and hazel. After consuming a generous quantity of
blackberries, the party returned safely to Brockwood in time for

Adam Ortaa

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