The Global Citizen Project

The Global Citizenship Project is an adult educational programme which will use established projects, institutions and activities in the UK and in India as resources. In the UK the programme will be centred in and around the Dartington Hall Estate in rural Devon -Schumacher College in particular.  In India we have created partnerships with a variety of places such as Barefoot College run by Bunker Roy in Rajasthan, Bija Vidyapeeth run by Vandana Shiva in Dehradun, Visva-Bharati University at Santiniketan, and several of the Education Centres founded by J Krishnamurti. From our experience as educators we have observed that there is much to be learnt from what is happening in India and the main thrust of the project is to facilitate intercultural cooperation and understanding, the exploration of sustainable living, and the understanding of the significance of human relationships and shared experience. We have a website .  It will soon be updated with more images and a blog.

Andrew Alexander

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