In the span of the last three days, volunteers, guest helpers, and staff have all been working diligently to prepare for Brockwood’s upcoming 40th Anniversary Reunion. An array of dotted colours are beginning to spread across the lawn of Brockwood Park, as more volunteers arrive to pitch their tents. The house is also beginning to fill with the hustle and bustle to search for every last spoon, fork, knife, and teacup available. Rooms are in the final stages of being cleaned and prepared for our guests. On Tuesday, workers began to pitch the Marquee tent, taking a good 8 hours of the day before it was fully erected. As soon as the tent was up and standing, staff and volunteers immediately began to work on filling the Marquee with tables, chairs, potted plants, and flower arrangements. A lounge area was also installed located just left of the Marquee café. In the week approaching the reunion, kitchen staff prepared a variety of cakes to be purchased at the café, so please find time to come and enjoy a drink, cake, and chat with a friend. Along the walls you will also notice a collection of photos spanning throughout the years including some of our yearly school posters.

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