Dear Friends

We have one month left until the Reunion. Many of the Brockwood staff responsible for making sure that everything is ready for your arrival are now away on vacation – having promised to return in good time! – while others continue to work at essential summer jobs on the buildings and grounds. Everyone will be back, with a posse of volunteers, for the final preparations. The musicians, who are in the throes of an online exchange about the music we will get to enjoy, will also be at Brockwood early to begin  rehearsals.

We are receiving new registrations everyday, so remember it is not too late to encourage alumni friends, who have yet to take the plunge, to sign up and join us for the 20th August. There will not be another chance like it for 5 years!

One of the events we have planned for the Reunion is The Grand Auction. This is due to happen on Sunday after the Brockwood Gig and before supper. The Auction is in aid of The Brockwood Bursary Fund, which provides assistance to deserving students who are unable to meet all of the School fees. For the forthcoming year, around 40% of our students will be receiving some sort of bursary assistance from this fund. Many of you may have benefited from the same fund during your time at Brockwood and The Auction is a way in which you can support it if you wish.

R & R


You can help us with The Grand Auction in one of two ways: you can donate something to be auctioned (this could be an object, e.g. a painting, rug, CD collection) or a pledge (e.g. a holiday in your seaside apartment, or a free consultation in your specialist therapy); you can also come prepared to purchase something at the Auction. All of the proceeds will go directly to The Brockwood Bursary Fund. If you are able to donate something to be auction, it would help if you could let us know by email in advance:


During the Reunion there are several occasions on which we hope that you as will consider offering workshops on a subject that you have skill in and passion for. It would help us to know in advance if you would like to do this, so once again please let us know  by email what you are thinking of offering. Workshops we already know will be happening include homeopathy, chiropractic, circle dancing, subtitling. The latter is a workshop being offered by Francisco at the Foundation to teach those who might be interested how to subtitle Krishnamurti’s talks in other languages. There is more information about this in the NEWS section of the Reunion website.

We are very pleased that you are taking the time to return to Brockwood in just 4 weeks and we are looking forward to seeing you all.

Warm regards

Bill Taylor

Reunion Co-ordinator

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