Monthly Archive for July, 2009

23 days left

Slowly, little by little, day by day, the Reunion2009 is almost there.

And if you are a Brockwood Park School Alumni and you feel like celebrating the 40 years of the school then please hurry and register at the Reunion2009 web site.

Dear Friends

We have one month left until the Reunion. Many of the Brockwood staff responsible for making sure that everything is ready for your arrival are now away on vacation – having promised to return in good time! – while others continue to work at essential summer jobs on the buildings and grounds. Everyone will be back, with a posse of volunteers, for the final preparations. The musicians, who are in the throes of an online exchange about the music we will get to enjoy, will also be at Brockwood early to begin  rehearsals.

We are receiving new registrations everyday, so remember it is not too late to encourage alumni friends, who have yet to take the plunge, to sign up and join us for the 20th August. There will not be another chance like it for 5 years!

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