Dear Friends

We are currently in the thick of it at the School. Having just returned from a successful school camp in North Devon, this evening we have a performance of the Brockwood Summer Concert to a full-house of parents and guests and tomorrow evening we have our Farewell Dinner Dance. By Wednesday the students will be gone and the house quiet, until August and your arrival. The Dinner Dance is an event that some – but not all – of you will remember. It became a regular fixture on our end of year calendar about fifteen years ago, and involves each of the leaving students and staff in making a short speech to the whole School. They are invited to talk about what their time at Brockwood has meant to them and to bid farewell to all. These speeches are often revealing, humorous, insightful and always moving.

The team responsible for organising Reunion2009 has finally agreed a programme for the event and you will find this as an attachment with this email. It is a provisional programme, so if you have ideas for changes please let us know and we will consider them before preparing the final version handed to you on arrival. You will see that we have tried to include activities that will appeal to everyone and offer a varied, engaging, educative and fun five days. Two significant additions to the programme for Reunion2009, are the inclusion of a good deal of excellent live music, courtesy of alumni, and the creation of a Visitors Afternoon, when the Reunion will be open to neighbours, friends and family.

More than a dozen former alumni, who are now professional, or semi-professional, musicians will be coming to Brockwood three days prior to the Reunion, to prepare a programme of music for our enjoyment. They will play on at least three occasions over the course of the Reunion, and there will be a further event devoted entirely to classical and choral music. Alan Rowlands has kindly offered to direct the performance of some classic Brockwood choir pieces, which have been sung here over the years and everyone is welcome to join in, but especially those who are former Brockwood choristers with an ability to pick up music quickly. One of the other musical events planned (The Brockwood Gig), is due to coincide with our Visitors Afternoon (Sunday 23rd August, from 2.30pm) and if you have friends that you would like to invite for this occasion feel free, but let us know the names, so that we have some idea of numbers.

R & R

If you are a musician who hasn’t been invited to join the early arrivals group, don’t despair, we would still like you to participate in some way. We can’t accept more early arrivals, but bring your instrument (unless it’s the grand piano) to the Reunion and come prepared to play at some point.

If you would like to sing in the Reunion Choir, please make contact with our current music teacher and alumnus, Valetin Gerlier. It would be helpful to know beforehand what voice you feel comfortable singing in (bass, tenor, alto, soprano) and there is a possibility we might send you the music beforehand, as an email attachment.

Warm regards

Bill Taylor
Reunion Co-ordinator

Provisional Programme for the Reunion

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