Brockwood Park School Open Day, Nov. 15th.

Open Day 11:15:14

“What car do you drive?” Bill Taylor, Development Director, Reunion Speech

A talk given at the 45th Anniversary Alumni Reunion in August, by Bill Taylor.

Exhibition: ‘A world in Crisis’

An exhibition on a different approach to ‘A world in Crisis’ will be shown for the first time in New Zealand from Friday 21st November – Sunday 23rd November 2014. The exhibition contains photo-journalistic material with commentary by J. Krishnamurti. For more details visit:


Thinking and Making: Former Student, Aeyu Malhotra, Recently Visited

It’s always nice for us to know where our former students are now and when a former Brockwood Park student returned to us to volunteer in the Krishnamurti Centre he had an encouraging story to tell.
Having been “inspired by the use of space and open architecture at Brockwood” Aeyu Malhotra became interested in architecture and design. “Brockwood students gain spacial awareness” Aayu commented. “In Brockwood you are involved in so many things… and I became involved in the steering group for the Pavilions [construction project]“. Aayu’s interest in design and structure grew and was fostered and after Aayu completed his education at Brockwood Park, he went on to study architecture at Manchester University.
When Aeyu graduated he attained a job with the renowned architect Takaharu Tezuka in Japan.”There is joy in Takaharu’s Buildings, like there is in Brockwoods. Takaharu was the person I most wanted to work with… and I was incredibly lucky”.
Aayu was also fascinated by the teachings of Krishnamurti and found them very useful in his design work. “Krishnamurti taught me to question everything and how important it is to ask the right question” he said, adding “Architecture is not finding the right answer it’s about first asking the right question”.
Aayu has returned to England to complete his Masters degree and kindly paid us a visit, bringing part of his portfolio for us to look at and photograph. We wish him further success in his career and we hope to see him return often.
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Job Opportunities

We have 2 staff vacancies opening up at Brockwood Park. We are in need of an
- Experienced Vegetarian Chef
– Experienced Maintenance/Facilities Person with Management Skills.
A sincere interest in Krishnamurti’s work and a commitment to creating a serious environment in co-operation with others are essential. All residential staff receive the same salary, regardless of role. Both jobs would commence on November 1st and we are currently taking applications. For more information please follow this link:

Brockwood at the Biocultura Professional Fair

Brockwood Park School has again participated in the Biocultura Professional Fair. The primary objective of this international expo is to bring some positive and contemporary changes in working towards a better environment. The fair was located for the second time in Bilbao and one of our school’s two Basque (Euskara) speakers, Izaro, proved to be an invaluable asset. Here, under K’s watchful eye, she convinces a visitor that his future children need to be attending Brockwood Park School.



In Death Is Immortality


“Surely, in ending there is renewal, is there not? It’s only in death that a new thing comes into being. I am not giving you comfort. This is not something to be believed or thought about or intellectually examined and accepted, for then you will make it into another comfort, as you now believe in reincarnation or continuity in the hereafter, and so on. But the actual fact is that that which continues has no rebirth, no renewal. Therefore, in dying every day there is renewal, there is a rebirth. That is immortality. In death there is immortality, not the death of which you are afraid, but the death of previous conclusions, memories, experiences, with which you are identified as the ‘me’. In the dying of the ‘me’ every minute there is eternity, there is immortality, there is a thing to be experienced––not to be speculated upon or lectured about, as you do about reincarnation and all that kind of stuff.

When you are no longer afraid, because every minute there is an ending and therefore a renewal, then you are open to the unknown. Reality is the unknown. Death is also the unknown. But to call death beautiful, to say how marvelous it is because we shall continue in the hereafter and all that nonsense, has no reality. What has reality is seeing death as it is, an ending; an ending in which there is renewal, a rebirth, not a continuity. For that which continues decays; and that which has the power to renew itself is eternal.”

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life


Death of Dr. Mary Cadogan

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Dr Mary Cadogan on the 27th September in London from complications arising from cancer. Mary began working for Krishnamurti as his secretary in England in 1958. She was the first Trustee to be appointed to the KFT and remained a Trustee up to the time of her death. She was involved in the establishment of Brockwood Park and has been actively engaged in its operation ever since. A member of the KFT Publications Committee, Mary was herself a published author of 28 books. In 2009 she was awarded a doctorate by Lancaster University for her services to children’s literature and the editing and publication of Krishnamurti’s books.

The following talk was given by Mary one month ago at the 45th Anniversary Alumni Reunion at Brockwood Park:

The Autumn/Winter 2009 Brockwood Observer had published an article about Mary which we would like to share here:


Here follow links to several obituaries:


The Oak in Autumn

Whisper, the Labrador, can be seen in the background and former staff member and head gardener, John Porter, is holding the young oak tree for Krishnamurti as he plants it on the North Lawn, at Brockwood, on a misty autumn day. The year is uncertain, but it was probably in the 1970s. Alongside this is a photo of the same oak tree taken this morning. Krishnamurti had a great love of trees and planted several at Brockwood. As he wrote in 1983 in a document entitled ‘Brockwood Today and In the Future': “Brockwood is a beautiful place with magnificent old trees surrounded by fields, meadows, groves and the quietness of the countryside. It must always be kept that way, for beauty is integrity, goodness and truth.”

BioCultura – 3rd-5th October, BEC, Bilbao

For anyone in the vicinity of Bilbao in early October, please come and meet our representatives and see our stand at the Biocultura Fair. Staff members Adrian and Izaro will be very happy to meet with you and discuss life at Brockwood and answer any questions you may have about the School. Look for stand number 165 but if you would like free entry to attend the Fair, we have a limited number of free entry tickets available, please contact us in advance via with your full name, address and the number of tickets required.