Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Whatever Happened To…”

As part of our preparations for the 45th Alumni Reunion, we have been in touch with many of our alumni to see if they would share their stories with us about life after Brockwood. Visit our website to see all those who wrote in, and follow the link below to read this month’s entry from Pashwa Jhala.

Pashwa Jhala and her children

Springtime in Brockwood! (Photo by Friedrich Grohe)

Springtime in Brockwood

Rainbow over the Krishnamurti Retreat Centre

Upcoming programs, in April: Is it possible never to be hurt?, in May: Can we live without a motive?, and in June: The roots of psychological conflict. For more information:

K Center Rainbow

(Photo by Duncan Toms)

Solar Cooker Sir!

Maths and Science teacher, Carvalho Da Silveira, needed the sunshine to test his latest piece of lab equipment and yesterday was perfect, with clear skies and brilliant sunshine. Carvalho has bought a solar cooker as part of a plan to teach students physics and chemistry through the study of alternative energy. This particular cooker has a peak capacity of 700 watts (in England!) and cooked a great pot of rataouille in half an hour. Eva is pictured here stirring the pot and Carvalho coming back for more.

Time Transcendence (K quote)

“To meditate is to transcend time. Time is the distance that thought travels in its achievements. The travelling is always along the old path covered over with a new coating, new sights, but it is always the same road, leading nowhere except to pain and sorrow. It is only when the mind transcends time that truth ceases to be an abstraction. Then bliss is not an idea derived from pleasure but an actuality that is not verbal…On every table there were daffodils, young, fresh, just out of the garden, with the bloom of spring on them still. On a side table there were lilies, creamy-white with sharp yellow centres. To see this creamy-white and the brilliant yellow of those many daffodils was to see the blue sky, ever expanding, limitless, silent. Almost all the tables were taken by people talking very loudly and laughing. … And there they were, the yellow daffodils, and nobody seemed to care. They were there for decorative purposes that had no meaning at all; and as you watched them their yellow brilliance filled the noisy room. Colour has this strange effect upon the eye. It wasn’t so much that the eye absorbed the colour, as that the colour seemed to fill your being. You were that colour; you didn’t become that colour – you were of it, without identification or name: the anonymity which is innocence. … those shapely daffodils seemed to take you beyond all time. Love is like that. In it there is no time, space or identity.”

Krishnamurti, The Only Revolution, Part 13


‘Cherry’ the chick and the Cook

A wild duck in the neighbouring village of Cheriton, last week abandoned her smallest chick and left her to die. Our resident cook, Sarai, happened to be on the scene and stepped in and rescued the orphan. Sarai is now the surrogate mother, feeding and watching over her charge and naming the chick ‘Cherry’ (from Cheriton). There is a spectacular difference in size between the two, but Cherry seems undeterred, perhaps sensing that if her adopted mother can put food on the table for 100 people plus, then she can certainly keep one small duckling on the go!

'Cherry' the chick and the Cook4 'Cherry' the chick and the Cook1 'Cherry' the chick and the Cook3 'Cherry' the chick and the Cook2

People and Moments in Brockwood’s History

Meeting in the Assembly Hall

Dear Alumni,

Looking through some old archived photos, I wanted to share these with you. Have a look at some moments from Brockwoods history, perhaps at the beautiful faces of friends whom you knew. Can you remember the names of everyone in the photo…what year was it… do you recall any anecdotes from that time… Feeling nostalgic?

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Ballroom dancing at Brockwood

Brockwood Park School students gave a brilliant ballroom dancing performance during the 2014 Winter Workshops showcase earlier this year!

What does Krishnamurti invite us to do?

In this introductory series of four articles in the New Statesman, David Skitt writes about Krishnamurti in a personal and accessible way. He ends his last article with a question: “So is Krishnamurti’s case for a radical shift in human consciousness … what life now demands? Good question. One to plant like a seed.”

David Skitt

David Skitt was educated at Cambridge. From 1955 to 1985 he worked as an editor for the OECD and the European Space Agency in Paris. He is a emeritus trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust and an editor of several recent books including “To Be Human.” The articles were published in 2007.

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Programme of Events for the 2014 Reunion

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Programme of Events for the 2014 Reunion