Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “This Time Next Week”

Dear Alumni

This time next week you will be more than 300 to join us for our 45th Anniversary Reunion.

We are finalising preparations and just a few days ago all school staff and some volunteers arrived to help get the rooms ready, have the gardens tidied, and to get some baking underway. Lists are being compiled, welcome packs are being put together, menus are being finalised, and we are printing out tickets for our Great Raffle which will happen over the first three days of the Reunion. All participants to the Reunion will be able to purchase a raffle ticket which will enable them to enter a prize draw for a flight on a lightweight aircraft to witness the breath-taking landscape around Brockwood. This ride will last up to 45 minutes and will happen on the Sunday of the Reunion. We are also getting ready to welcome our alumni for the 1970’s Gathering due to begin on the 16th August. A total of 15 alumni have registered for this pre-reunion Reunion and we look forward to meeting some of Brockwood’s first students!

Here are some photos of Brockwood today, of school staff busy with preparations… we are getting so excited about welcoming you all back to beautiful Brockwood.

See you all very soon,

Reunion Coordinator

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“I have a ten foot wall around me What do I do?”

Brockwood Park 1980 – Question #6 from Question and Answer Meeting #1

‘My problem is I have a ten foot wall around me. It is no use trying to overcome it, so I ignore it. It is still there. What do I do?’

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Visit to the Far East

With the aim of engaging more with China, our Co-Principal Adrian visited and has just returned with stories of the Far East.

“Instead of reading novels on the beach at Clacton, it seemed like this summer could provide a not-to-be-missed opportunity to add impetus to our recently increased links with mainland China. And so it proved to be: 7 events, both open-to-all public events and smaller whole-day workshops requiring registration, spread over two weeks in three cities, were organised by our translation committee members Sue and Kang in Beijing. These were attended by around 300 people in total, though by now more than a couple of thousand have read the follow-up articles on line.”

Read more here:

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Pre-Reunion Preparation

Staff, Mature students and Volunteers are briefly enjoying the calm yet busy summer here at Brockwood Park. We have only a few weeks to go until our students return and preparations are already well underway.

‘Last Night the Moon rose from the Albanian Hills: Why are we so destructive?’

Brockwood Park School staff member Andrew Alexander keeps a blog on his educational adventures. His latest post concerns War, Divisions, Fear and Observation, Unity and Learning. It is titled; ‘Last Night the Moon rose from the Albanian Hills: Why are we so destructive?’ Read his full article here:

Andrew Alexander

‘On the urgency to change fading’

Q&A Meeting No:1 at Brockwood Park
2nd of September 1980

Cherry and the Cook (Second Update)

Some of you may remember the little abandoned duckling which our staff member Sarai adopted. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that little ‘Cherry’ from Cheriton is doing great and is all grown up and although she might be experiencing some gender issues, as she may be turning out to be a he, (Andrew suggests a renaming to Chuck) Cherry (or Chuck the Duck) is doing great!



Alumni news: Julia Liebisch-Peschl

Former Brockwood Park School student, Julia Liebisch-Peschl, is starting an institute for sustainability, education and art in Ghana, West Africa, together with a few friends. Their vision includes creating a ‘philosophy room’ where people will be able to read Krishnamurti. In this video, they explain their dream.

You may also want to read Julia’s blog here:


Aldous Huxley and Jiddu Krishnamurti

Aldous Huxley and Jiddu Krishnamurti met in California in early 1938 and became friends for life. Krishnaji’s spoke of their friendship as such: “[we] had a strange relationship with each other, affectionate, considerate and, it seems, non-verbal communication”. Find out more below by clicking on this link:


Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “The Things We Love”

Dear Alumni

With just a handful of staff and mature students present amidst the tranquil summer days at Brockwood, we are steadily working in preparation for your visit in August. The excitement is slowly building up as we allocate rooms, count out all the teaspoons, make plans for where the sheep will go when the campers arrive, and finalise the programme of events. The gardens are being meticulously pruned and weeded, t-shirts to commemorate our 45 years are being printed, DJ’s are being sought and reminders are sent out for gathering items for the auction and workshops. We have also been busy capturing the scenes we love at Brockwood and wished to share these with you in reminiscence of the spaces you once roamed and wandered through. Accompanying these images, filmed by current student Ewan Benoit, is a melodious classical piece by Debussy, often played by Alan Rowlands during Sunday Morning Meetings back when I was a student in the 90’s. Here it is performed by Jerome Blanche in a live recording.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane and see if you can notice the changes in the landscape.

Happy Summer,

Fazila Benoit
Reunion Coordinator

Reunion Website: